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Beaver Sleepover - 25th Anniversary - Oct 2011

1st Daviot Oldmeldrum Scout Group


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Beaver Sleepover - 25th Anniversary - Oct 2011

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Well...What can I say? The first ever Daviot Oldmeldrum Beaver Scout Sleepover was a resounding success and I think we can safely say that everyone had a fantastic time!!!

Having arranged for bags to be dropped off at the Bunkhouse, we all gathered at Fyvie Castle car park to begin our exciting adventure...and first off we embarked on our nature hike.  The motley crew of the ‘Zombies’, ‘Dragons’ and ‘Assassins’ had a series of clues to solve as they walked around the grounds beside the little loch - from counting posts to identifying birdlife to hunting for bench inscriptions, one of which had mysteriously disappeared following the recce a couple of weeks previously! As well as collecting various leaves as part of a leaf identification chart and taking tree bark rubbings; they were also attempting to find a few ‘interesting’ items along the way, which resulted in some unusual feathers, strange pieces of bark and a fluorescent yellow golf ball...curious as the nearest golf course is several miles away...

Following a wee rest, we walked up to the Bunkhouse, battling against the strong wind that we had previously been sheltered from and arrived back to a snack and some enticing cupcakes made by Sara’s own fair hand. Soon it was time to settle in properly and have the joy of finding all the necessary bits and bobs in the many bags of all shapes and sizes – some ready for a week away rather than a night, taking the scout motto of Be Prepared to the extreme! Nonetheless, once the bunks were organised and the much needed teddy found and strategically placed, it was time for a few games, some old and some new, whilst tea was being prepared.

After a great big feed, swiftly devoured by some very eager Beavers, we returned to our activities and began our craft for the night. Soon the room was awash with monsters as crazy creations came to life and took over the land! Once the monster melee had calmed, what better way to draw the evening to a close but with the great tradition of campfire songs. Led by the Mikes, who treated us to some fabulous renditions of favourite songs, the Beavers were totally caught up in all the excitement and enthusiastically joined in with the singing and all the actions.

Consuming a much needed mug of hot chocolate, it was then time to settle down for the bedtime routine and some quiet reading, before lights out.

Then silence....all night....even with the extra hour...

After a good nights’ rest by all concerned, breakfast was devoured with gusto by the Beavers and once more empty plates were aplenty. Following our flag ceremony outside the bunkhouse, we pulled out the parachute. With endless energy we began an array of games; the most exciting trying to keep the balls within the middle as we vigorously moved the parachute up and down and as high as possible!

Back inside the Beavers began to pack up all the gear from the bunkrooms and get organised ready for the off later on. We then had some quiet reflective time contemplating the theme of friendship through stories and poems with all the Beavers discussing their thoughts and feelings in a calm and considered way, which was a nice, but all too brief moment before a little more chaos. Back in their respective groups, the next challenge was to work closely as a team and make a Beaver with only one newspaper and tape within 5 minutes. A few frantic minutes later, some odd looking creations were exhibited yet all did have a hint of Beaver about them, so good effort! Even as we played our last few games together, the enthusiasm prevailed, although all too soon it was time for the closing flag ceremony and the end of the sleepover.

All the Beavers who attended the sleepover were absolutely brilliant and very well behaved! Always smiling, willing to get involved, and with good manners throughout, just proved how great they can be, and they should all be very proud of themselves. We are incredibly proud of them all and to be told that they had “the best day ever” is all the thanks we need.

A big thank you needs to go to everyone who helped make the sleepover such a big success - Sara; Martin, our young leader; Euan, our scout; Mike B; and Mike P and his wonderful cooking talents! In addition the parent helpers of Grace, Tracy, Simon, John, Gerry and Craig, who assisted at different points throughout to ensure the Beavers’ had a wonderful time and the support is, as always, greatly appreciated!

And finally...

Loss ... 2 teeth

Gain ... a great experience for all concerned!

Linda - BSL


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Сидели мы тогда два "Сколько нужно бегать"дня на вокзале и ждали, пока ""над нами кто-нибудь смилуется и пошлет за нами "Скачать песни слим"поезд.

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Человек в халате оказался Зерновым-вторым, на этот раз отличавшимся от моего спутника только глянцевым "Скачать фильм страшилки"белым халатом.

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